A message from The Spirit World

Waves of support and guidance are streaming to us from our Helpers in the Spirit Worlds.  They have asked me to send you this message as an invitation to consciously co-create the restructuring and re-collecting of our personal world maps through a series of journeys.  

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The Journeywork Circle of Practice

Encouragement & Support on The Journey.

Here are some kind words from other journeyworkers.  We hope you will join us!

"Celia is a warm, strong and courageous practitioner. There was much to learn and appreciate. The circle was very supportive and all of the participants received healing and loving affirmation towards their personal growth." ~D.C.

"Wonderful group! I had never journeyed to the middle world before and now have a better understanding, (thanks to Celia's circle), about how to do spiritual work in all three worlds...." ~S.P.

"A very heartfelt Thank you for the guidance Celia and thank you to everyone in the group for openly sharing your experiences in your worlds, as in your words I heard experiences that I'd just had in my own journey.. this is definitely a meetup I would suggest to anyone who is curious about the journey work of a shamana/shaman and how you go about finding working in your worlds." R.D.

"Celia does amazing, deep work, with great integrity and ability to access all realms. Wonderful!" ~ L.M.​

"I am feeling this overwhelming gratitude for all the opportunities for growth, learning and healing.  No matter what the situation, who you are with, what is going on, on some level, an opportunity is there.  It is so beautiful, and I feel so blessed to be at this place." C.W.


Celia Blackwood works as a shaman and spiritual guide.
These services complement those provided by a licensed health care provider.
She is not licensed to practice medicine or psychology nor does she provide diagnostic services.
Her services are intended to assist you with your spirit and soul journey and are not intended as a substitute for licensed medical or psychological treatment.
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